I’m extremely happy with the appearance of my skin after having Laser Skin Rejuvenation on my whole face. After only three sessions, my skin tone is more even and I’m thrilled as I can go out wearing less makeup. The environment at Face Magic Haven is comfortable and discreet and the professional staff accommodated my every need. I highly recommend FMH.
I’m having PPX hair removal at present and though I haven’t finished the course, PPX has completely stopped the hair from growing in some areas, and dramatically slowed down its growth in others. I’ve been very impressed with the results!
I also had Laser Skin Rejuvenation on my face, which dramatically reduced the size of my facial pores and improved its overall appearance.
Overall, the service at FMH is very good and the environment is most relaxing. I especially like the peaceful music played in the sitting area and treatment rooms!
I had Laser Skin Rejuvenation on my facial skin and was thrilled with the results. My skin is smoother, my pores are smaller and the pigmentation I had been suffering from for a long time has improved considerably.
All the staff are very good, especially Susma, who performed my treatments and is always friendly, caring and helpful. I also find the environment to be very relaxing and always look forward to my next visit.
I’ve had a number of treatments at FMH. At my age, one procedure is never going to be enough! I’m thrilled with the results of them all.
Since the treatments, I’ve noticed very positive changes & my skin is tighter and my skin tone has improved dramatically. I also find the staff to be friendly and professional and think that the Haven is a lovely, relaxing place. I would definitely recommend FMH to my friends.
I have been a client at the Face Magic Haven for over a year now. During this period, the services that I have received there have all consistently exceeded my expectations. This wonderful place is truly a Haven, exemplary of its attention to detail & from the quality of service to customised care for their clients. Without hesitation, I place my confidence and trust in FMH, and will gladly refer my friends to them. I applaud Deborah and her team for their devotion and dedication in making this place a wonderful oasis where rejuvenation is possible within an hour.
I’ve tried a number of treatments at FMH and found them all to be very useful. Each of them has complemented the other, helping me to achieve fabulous results.
Overall, the service at FMH is excellent and the environment is peaceful, tranquil, relaxing & most welcoming. I’m very pleased that I discovered FMH and will happily tell my friends about it.
Thank you for your best wishes, I left HK a month ago and I am heading home to Australia via Singapore. Good luck to you, it will be difficult to find the standard of care and attention to detail that I experienced at FMH
The Face Magic Haven has excellent medical professionals and world-class facilities. The private treatment rooms are relaxing and I’ve been extremely pleased with the results.
I have been coming to FMH for several years, and I find it offers a highly professional and comfortable service. I’m very pleased with the results, and I appreciate the wide range of services and the special offers.
My comment is positive. I am very happy with the treatments. The service is very promising. It’s just that I am too busy traveling and no time to continue the treatments.
Thank you for the excellent service at such a relaxing environment. Your skilful treatments have helped me in achieving a more refresh and energetic appearance. Best wishes.
I have been receiving treatment from FMH for over two years as a regular client. The treatment is always performed by FMH in a very professional and confidential manner that I can trust. The results have helped me considerably in my social and professional life. I look younger, more relaxed and have greater self confidence. Thank you FMH!
I was very very happy with FMH, the service I received is excellent, professional and very pleasant. I was very impressed with everything. I have recommended FMH to people I know and when I next visit Hong Kong I will definitely come again.
I enjoy the service and the tranquil atmosphere at FMH, but more importantly i respect the advice i get for the treatment which is most suitable for me & no hard selling just real interest in making me look better & consequently I feel great!
Face Magic Haven provides a soothing discreet environment where you can go for beauty treatments.
I had treatments at the haven, the result was perfect. They deserve my recommendation.
Thank you for making me feel like I am your only client, very special. Thank you for your professionalism and assurance. Most of all, thank you FMH for making me feel good.
I just wanted to say thanks again for taking such good care of me. The work you did on my face is amazing and I’m on my way to looking good as new! I am so grateful to you and your staff. All the best!