Dr Jules Nabet Zen Lotion

Help replump, moisturize and protect skin.
To use as a base before applying any cream or make up and when skin feels dry. For active women, to carry in there bag for there every day life.
Stimulates and regenerates the tissue (Vitamin C and pure oxygen). Purifies and clears the skin (white lily). Gives volume and moisturizes the skin. Instantaneous minilift effect
Application: 1/Apply by spraying on the face, neck and the lower neckline morning and night after cleaning and removing make-up. Zen lotion is a tonic make-up remover. It is stimulating and rebalances. 2/To keep in your bag, and use when you feel your skin dehydrated. Can be apply on make up Formula: White Lilly, Pure Vitamin C, Micro encapsulated pure oxygen, Hyaluronic acid

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