Deborah Sims

Deborah Sims, Hong Kong’s well known former champion swimmer; long time fitness queen with her own television program and video; leader in the beauty & fitness industry in Asia, innovator of “major trends” and winner of numerous awards and accolades such as:

• Innovative Entrepreneur of The Year 1997 Award in Hong Kong
• Hong Kong’s Most Inspiring woman 1997
• Honorary of World Expo 1988
• Hon Ambassador Soviet Union, Aerobic Tournament 1988
• Chosen Hong Kong Olympics swim team

Always the innovator and creator and with her extensive experience in health and fitness, Deborah recognised the need in to bring together health and beauty with the introduction of the first Medical Spa in Hong Kong almost 10 years ago. With an emerging popularity towards anti aging treatments Deborah saw the need to add a spa like environment where people could relax and feel safe removing the very cold sterile clinic environment that Doctors typically operate. Hence the concept of “Medi-Spa” was conceived by Deborah. This innovative concept led to the creation of THE FACE MAGIC HAVEN (FMH) located at The Centrium, and the first in store Medi-Spa in Asia in Harvey Nichols Pacific Place.

With more than 20 years of health and beauty experience, Deborah continues to be a sought after industry leader on the most innovative and advanced international health and beauty developments. Deborah continues to partner and work with the leading international Doctors and experts in health and beauty to create more procedures and treatments at The Face Magic Haven (FMH).

  • Deborah Sims

Deborah Sims - Founder